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The Kinkao brand was started by a husband and wife team to try to bring authentic Thai cuisine to the UK in a manner that had not been seen before.

Kinkao Thai quickly became extremely popular and before long the original site became too small to cater to the demand.

So the decision was made to move Kinkao Thai to a new site beautifully located in a riverside venue. If you are looking for the site for Kinkao Thai please click here.

Having established Kinkao Thai as the go to place for authentic Thai in London, we decided it was time to take the next step towards our long term goal.

The Flavours of Asian Cuisine

London is perhaps the most cosmopolitan city in the World and so it is only fitting that Londoners be able to enjoy all the cuisines of the globe right on their doorstep.

Our aim has always been to bring the richness of the flavours of Asia, in all their pomp and glory, to the UK and we chose to make Korean cuisine the next step in fulfilling our long term goal.

It was important to us that the standard in the new Kinkao Korean would be just as high as we have always tried to maintain at Kinkao Thai and we believe that we have succeeded in doing that. You can see what others think of the new branch of Kinkao here.

If you have never tried Korean cuisine before then please come along, we promise you a treat for your tastebuds.



  • 21 Miso Soup
    A classic simple and savoury soup.
  • 22 Yakhoe Jang
    Spicy beef soup with glass noodles and vegetables.
  • 23 Champong Ramyun
    Korean spicy ramen noodle soup with mixed seafood.


  • 31 Kimchi (V)
    Pickled cabbage seasoned in a traditional red pepper paste
  • 32 Oi Kimchi (V)
    Spicy pickled cucumber.
  • 33 Sookju Namul (Vegan)
    Steamed bean sprouts with a touch of garlic and sesame oil.
  • 34 Musaengchae Namul (Vegan)
    Spicy pickled radish.
  • 35 Modum Namul (Vegan)
    Seasonal vegetables (beansprout, spinach, radish).
  • 36 Sigeumchi Namul (Vegan)
    Spinach seasoned with sesame oil.
  • 37 Gim (Vegan)
    Crispy salted seaweed, brushed with seaweed.


Served on a Hot Sizzler Plate

  • 44 Bul Dak (Chicken)
    Grilled marinated spicy chicken with a hot spicy chilli sauce served with mixed vegetables.
  • 45 Bul Saewoo
    Stir fried king prawns marinated with very hot and spicy chilli sauce served .with mixed vegetables
  • 46 Chicken Teriyaki
    Grilled chicken served with stir fried mixed vegetables with Teriyaki sauce.
  • 47 Beef Teriyaki
    Grilled beef slices served with stir fried mixed vegetables with Teriyaki sauce.

BBQ Sides

  • 48 Sangchu
    A slightly salty and vinegary lettuce.
  • 49 Maneul Gochu £2.00 (Vegan)
    Garlic and chilli slices.

Meat Dishes

  • 51 Yukhoe
    Sliced raw beef with sliced pears, cucumber and egg yolk.
  • 52 KFC Large (Korean Fried Chicken)
    (Add £2.00 for Chicken Breast)
    Served with a choice of:
    Sweet chilli sauce
    Honey butter and garlic sauce
    Or served savoury without sauce.



Bibimbap Dishes Served with Miso Soup and a spicy sauce on the side (E)

  • 71 Yachae Bibimbap (Vegan)
    Mixed vegetables and rice with optional raw egg on top.
  • 72 Eel Bibimbap
    Grilled Kabayaki Eel, mixed vegetables,rice and raw egg on top.
  • 73 Chicken Bibimbap
    Marinated chicken and mixed vegetables rice and raw egg on top.
  • 74 Bulgogi Bibimbap
    Marinated Beef and mixed vegetables rice and raw egg on top.

Rice Dishes

  • 81 Kimchi Bokkumbap £8.50
    (Add £1.50 for Beef)
    Stirfried kimchi with rice and vegetables, garnished with sliced spring onions and roasted seaweed.
  • 82 Bab (Vegan)
    Steamed rice.
  • 83 Unagi Don
    Steamed rice, topped with fillets of grilled Kabayaki Eel and Japanese pickle
  • 84 Gyeran Bokkeumbap
    Egg Fried Rice.


  • 91 Tofu Buchim (Vegan)
    Pan fried tofu in garlic soy sesame sauce, and a spring onion garnish.
  • 92 Tofu Kimchi
    Steamed tofu topped with cooked kimchi in sweet soy sauce and a spring onion garnish.
  • 93 Yachae Bokkeum (Vegan)
    Stir fried mixed vegetables.
  • 94 Gaji Bokkeum (Vegan)
    Stir fried aubergines and mixd vegetables with garlic and soy sauce


  • 102 Tofu Seaweed Salad (V)
    Chilled silken tofu salad with seaweed and oyster sauce.


  • 111 Yaki Soba
    A classic Japanese stir fry thin noodles dish with vegetables, seasoned with a sweet & savoury sauce.
    Served With Tofu (V) £8.50
    Served With Chicken £8.50
    Served With Beef        £8.95
    Served With Seafood £9.95
  • 112 Yaki Udon
    A classic Japanese stir fry thick noodles dish with vegetables, seasoned with a sweet & savoury sauce.
    Served With Tofu (V) £8.50
    Served With Chicken £8.50
    Served With Beef        £8.95
    Served With Seafood £9.95


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